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Universal ground control shelters LED lighting project

Universal Ground Control Shelters

Adapted for AAI/Textron in 2007, according to their requirements, the Mini Light has had continued success in the implementation and use in the Ground Control Shelters. The product is low profile and dimmable. Allowing the operator to dim the white light also available in NVIS blue light. This product is in continual production for AAI and other contract manufacturers, such as Lockheed Martin Unmanned Integrated Systems.

MSVS interior kitting LED lighting project

MSVS Interior Kitting

LED SMART is awarded the additional contract to supply the LED lighting for the kitting project for the MSVS Shelter systems from Dew Engineering. 

Project required an extremely bright light to be mounting under the cabinetry for desk and task lighting. With only 20" of space the desired lux were achieved, reaching upwards of 1075 lux on the work space. These lights achieve an impressive 123 Im/w. This system also works with the MSVS 28V system. 

MSVS interior lighting system project

MSVS Interior Lighting system

Lighting supplier for the MSVS project to Dew Engineering. Project required a bright white LED for main lighting operations, with the optional NVIS Red for blackout mode. These lights are mounted into an IP65 fixture, and operate at the required 28VDC input. Tested for operation from -40°C ~ 60°C. Additional MIL-STD-461 certification required for use in the military shelter lighting system.

Coast Guard "people pod" LED lighting project

Coast Guard

"People Pod"

Lighting supplier for Berg Manufacturing, project: US Coast Guard’s onboard “People Pod”. Project required a bright white LED for main lighting in crew barracks, with the optional NVIS Blue for blackout mode. These lights are specially designed to allow for maximum head room in the very tight quarters. The operation with dual light colors within the smallest fixture possible was a distinct advantage for the LED Smart CWL-C series light. Available in lengths of 12” - 48”, the CWL-C series can be applied to areas with small profiles and tight restrictions.

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